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Lawyer | Solicitor | Family, Divorce, Injury Attorney

http://1st4biz.org/solicitor/ Solicitors resources. Website, Advertising, Search Engine Optimisation, Social Media and Videos are part of our local marketing offering for Lawyers.
We would like to discuss our innovative ideas for new legal clients.

So whether you are a general lawyer or a specialist in divorce, personal injury, company law – we can help you.

For an informal chat please contact Steve on 020 71 93 95 71

Find A Solicitor or Lawyer at EntirelyLegal.co.uk

This video shows how to find, review and contact Solicitors on the Entirely Legal Website.

Entirely Legal Is the Number 1 resource legal resource for Finding a Solicitors, Barristers, Expert Witness, Locums, Legal Jobs, Process Servicers, Legal Interpreters and Translators – in fact anything and everything to do with the legal profession

Lawyer Solicitor Glasgow

http://www.lawyer-solicitor-glasgow.co.uk/ Arе Yου a Lawyer οr Solicitor іn Glasgow ? Yουr Site Struggles tο Rank іn Google ? Dο Yου Want tο bе οn thе First Page οf Google ? Contact the specialists now!

How to Become a Lawyer

Click on this link to watch a videochat with an Advocate at Supreme Court of India on how to become a lawyer in India.

Sachin Daga is a practicing lawyer and runs a company called Banthia and Co. Advocates. He did an MBA, worked with reputed companies for 15 years working in the area of sales, marketing and sales strategy. He worked as vice president at a top financial institutions company.

0:45 Why he took up Law as a career – He had some reasons to move into law – he felt growth is limited in a corporate job, the increments each year can be limited, only one person can reach the top, there is a retirement age and there is no legacy left. He believed that Law had none of these negatives and in addition it helped society as well as it was not affected by the economy. So he jumped in to this field and became a lawyer.
1:59 He did a 3 year LLB program from a college in Mumbai. Post completing the degree you need to enrol as an advocate and become a member at the state bar council. For that you would need to leave your job and then enrol.
2:48 Advice for high school students. 3 year LLB vs. 5 year integrated program – For a high school student thinking of pursuing law as a career if they are very sure, they should take up a 5 year integrated Law degree which is available either as a BSc LLB, BBA LLB or a BA LLB degree. It saves one year and gives you two degrees. If someone is not very sure, then they can do their graduation and do the three year LLB program after their graduation.
4:05 Regarding subjects at school, they can study any subjects. Skills required include analytical skills, articulation skills, written and oral communication and listening skills.
4:52 Upcoming fields of Law – There is no specialisation required for Law. You can take up any field, you can change fields any time. Some upcoming field are – international law, cyber law, environmental law, intellectual property and trademark law are upcoming fields.
6:47 A graduate should prepare by using research tools like LexixNexis, WestLaw, Manupatra in addition to reading their text books. Doing an internship with a senior lawyer, a judge or a law firm helps a great deal in understanding the field plus making contacts and references. Initially it will be a stretch but later it will be worthwhile. There are some books that Sachin recommends e.g. How to write and sentence and read one – by Stanley Fish, Before Memory fades by Fali Nariman, Art of War, Story of My life by Clarence Darrow. These will help you since these are Bombay Bar Association recommended books.
9:34 Common Mistakes that law students make is – that they think that Law School teaches you law, Sachin believes that Law school teaches you how to teach yourself. Law is basically expecting the unexpected, you need the right presence of mind and analytical skills. People make a mistake of reading the judgement on the web without reading the full case, they are unable to understand the reasoning this way.
11:02 Two skills are required for private practice – technical skills and entrepreneurial skills. Give customers good service. Initially the number of failures will be more than the successes. These failures are learnings.
Destiny is not a chance, it is a choice.

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Host – Chetna Vasishth

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Career Advice on becoming a Media Law Solicitor by Rowena C (Full Version)

Visit http://icould.com/videos/rowena-c/ for more careers info.

Rowena C is a Media Law Solicitor at Farrer & Co. She says “Most of my work involves working for defendants, such as newspapers and magazines. I draft letters to solicitors on the other side, I’m on the phone a lot to in house legal advisors and journalists. There’s a lot of client contact and I think that’s great. It’s just very varied and very interesting”.

Highlights at http://icould.com/videos/rowena-c/?length=short

Conveyancing Solicitor | Moving House Solicitor


Conveyancing Solicitor – At Ewart Price in Welwyn Garden City, Hertfordshire, we have been providing conveyancing services to help people to buy and sell houses for over 25 years.

Moving house is right up there as one of the most stressful events people encounter during their lives alongside family problems, moving to a new job or a death in the family. We are aware of this and always try to give practical and reassuring advice throughout each transaction.

We do appreciate the frustrations associated with Conveyancing and are committed to keeping our clients fully informed. We operate a sophisticated case management system which enables us to ensure the progress of your transaction is carefully tracked.

For more information, please contact Graham Tooze on 01707 387874 and to learn more info on Employment Tribunal Procedures visit us online: