Brain Injury Lawyer In London – Specialist Solicitors Firm In Ealing

A brain injury is normally caused by a traumatic or non traumatic event.

Trauma can be brought on by an injury like assault or a work fall.

A non traumatic event would normally be caused through a medical condition, eg an infection, a cancerous tumour or raised pressure in the head.

The way in which a brain injury affects a person varies considerably, ranging from milder symptoms like memory loss through to extremes like physical disability and vegetative states of life and death.

If you, or someone you know, is affected with a brain injury then you will likely be in need of a specialist lawyer. We can help you as our London based solicitors are fully trained and have extensive experience having dealt with previous cases on brain injury.

We can assist you in getting the correct medical diagnosis, dealing with insurance claims and getting compensation for ongoing treatment.

Our solicitors are trained to handle your case professionally and with compassion.

Contact us for further advice on how we can assist you.

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