Christchurch Lawyers & Solicitors NZ

Christchruch Lawyers and Solicitors New Zealand

Property Law
We work with a wide client base applying a strong expertise on property matters. This includes commercial matters such as acquisitions, developments, financing, leasing; as well as providing a full service to individuals on personal matters.

Financial & Estates
A client’s assets and business interests need to be organised to meet their objectives. That may be simple Wills, full estate plans or business succession planning. Our services include wills, gifting, credit or protection, taxation implications, succession plans and the formation and management of trusts.

Corporate & Commercial
We advise on a wide range of corporate and commercial matters. We have the breadth of experience and expertise required to deal with complex and important issues. We provide friendly and practical advice. Our focus is on enabling clients to meet their objectives.


Litigation & Dispute Resolution
Our litigators have expertise in resolving a broad range of complex commercial discord. We have been involved in a wide range of commercial actions covering company receivership and liquidations, contracts, intellectual property, insurance, trustees and directors, partnerships, construction, arbitrations and injunctions.

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