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A woman calls saying her wedding was in 2006 and after 6 months she called her husband over to the UK. After 1 year, 4 months she found out when going India, with the holidays booked, her husband said he didn’t want to go India as his passport was inbounded with a criminal charge from India. When he renewed his passport, he didn’t declare this. He received this information notice to his house but he didn’t show it to her all these years. So we had arguments, to which Harjap says they were bound to happen. After 2 months, he went to India and came back and said everything is clear. I decided I didn’t want to stay with this criminal and applied for a divorce. After this, he caused problems and I didn’t know his whereabouts. He was a solicitor, working in Croydon but he never told his address. She continues by saying she got his address from his Uncle and sent divorce letters to India and his employers. He didn’t acknowledge the divorce application and the judge gave him 7 days. He then replied saying he wanted to defend the divorce, saying it was unreasonable. He sent a long letter to the judge and asked for the marriage to be resolved and another opportunity. She said she don’t want to live with him and the problem is that his visa is has finished. She then realised that he got a student visa from somewhere. Harjap asks who told you that he has a student visa. The woman says he is at Birmingham University. Harjap says this doesn’t mean he has a student visa. She says I don’t know, in this country he is at Uni. Harjap says with the original visa he had, he could still study. She says his visa finished but Harjap says he could have applied earlier. She asks does this mean he could be just waiting in this country then and Harjap says yes. The woman says the guy who told us he has a student visa is his friend. Harjap says but he didn’t show your the visa did he. The woman says she has sent three letters to the immigration. Harjap says they will take action themselves. The woman says he is defending the case and Harjap says he is only doing this to bide some time. She says they say that in 14 years experience, there have been 2 defended cases with Indian boys.Harjap says they are doing this thinking they will get away with it but they don’t. The woman says more money has to be paid. Harjap says there is a cost for the appeals. She says before a wedding, should you do a test and then get married. Harjap says no, you can ask someone back in the pend who knows, someone must know. She says he was a solicitor, it was all calculated. Harjap says when you try to fix up your children, you ask many places, even as far as the grandparents. If we go India, in about 1 to 2 weeks we come back with the wedding done. If you ask someone in India, someone would have told you news. The woman says it didn’t come into my mind. He says if there is a criminal, are you saying the government or authorities won’t know about it. You should have checked yourself. She says if you have a criminal conviction, does that mean you can’t get a student visa. Harjap says yes. She says when his passport was inbounded and he went to pay his fines…. Harjap says when he first got his visa, he lied. The home office will go on this and they can tell his status but won’t give it to you. She says she has sent many letters but only acknowledged one. Harjap says they will not tell you due to the law. She says what about the money spent by me. Harjap says you have to pay that,, the government won’t pay it, you got married to him. She says I will give that but will this illegal get caught as he was on a spouse visa. Harjap says they will do everything themselves, they are not your grandparents.He sniggers and then makes a joke saying she enters saying she is from England and gets married to a solicitor and finds out afterwards.The authorities got enough to deal with, these are your faults. If I and a horse throws up in the street, I tell you do pick it up and you will say I didn’t do it, why should I pick it up. This is the same as this. You brought a criminal into this country, they clear it after you.

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