In Sidney, NE, this individual is a SORRY excuse of a Police Officer. The 2nd officer on the scene isn’t much better. Seems the local police know this citizen as a Patriot that keeps a watchful eye on the PD. The citizen has been watching this police officer during the night it seems and finally the officer wishes to question him as to why. That’s when it gets interesting. The officer calls for backup when the citizen exercises his rights and starts to quote the law to the officer. When the 2nd officer shows up, the 1st officer, in plain sight and earshot of the 2nd oficer, threatens and ASSAULTS the citizen. Why the 2nd officer fails to m ake an arrest of the 1st officer is a mystery. When a crime is committed in observence of an officer, IT IS his DUTY to make an arrest. NO MATTER WHO IT IS. In this case he takes the citizen’s info and promises to pass it on to the whoever is in charge of the shift. WRONG WRONG WRONG!!! This shows that the police hold themselves ABOVE the law. If it were the other way, the citizen would not only be taken into custody, but more than likely, been tuned up as well. Both officers should face criminal charges. The 1st with assault & battery, & threats to do bodily harm. The second for deriliction of duty & possibly conspiracy to cover up a crime. This demonstrates how PDs all over the country are hiring people who have not the intelligence to perform the job, or handle any kind of confrontation. The wrong line of work for a REAL police officer. However, it fits into this dullard’s abilities obviously. WAKE UP PEOPLE!!! If You’re Not Pissed Off…You’re Not Paying Attention!!!

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