Webinar with Anirudh Hariani on Bombay Solicitor’s Examination

Anirudh Hariani, Independent Counsel, Bombay High Court

Bombay Incorporated Law Society’s (BILS) Solicitor’s examination is a highly prestigious and tough examination with pass rate of only around 2-7%. Becoming a solicitor puts you in the prestigious league of lawyers, who are known to have passed one of toughest tests for lawyers in India.

Though the qualification became a title that offered no legal benefits over advocates but still offered career opportunities and increased pay.

However, solicitors continued to dominate Mumbai’s legal market outside of the courts and at many more traditional Mumbai firms the majority of partners are solicitors.

If you are one of those lawyers who is aiming to become a Bombay solicitor, this webinar is for you. Hear it from Anirudh, who stood 2nd in the examination in 2014.

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