Webinar with Anirudh Hariani on Bombay Solicitor’s Examination

Anirudh Hariani, Independent Counsel, Bombay High Court

Bombay Incorporated Law Society’s (BILS) Solicitor’s examination is a highly prestigious and tough examination with pass rate of only around 2-7%. Becoming a solicitor puts you in the prestigious league of lawyers, who are known to have passed one of toughest tests for lawyers in India.

Though the qualification became a title that offered no legal benefits over advocates but still offered career opportunities and increased pay.

However, solicitors continued to dominate Mumbai’s legal market outside of the courts and at many more traditional Mumbai firms the majority of partners are solicitors.

If you are one of those lawyers who is aiming to become a Bombay solicitor, this webinar is for you. Hear it from Anirudh, who stood 2nd in the examination in 2014.

Solicitor l Legal Expert l Lawyer : 3

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Advogado em inglês: lawyer, attorney, counsel, counselor, solicitor ou barrister?

Você sabe dizer “advogado” em inglês? Sabe qual é a diferença entre LAWYER, ATTORNEY, ATTORNEY-AT-LAW, COUNSEL, IN-HOUSE COUSEL, COUNSELOR, LITIGATOR, SOLICITOR e BARRISTER? Assista ao vídeo e acabe com essas dúvidas do inglês jurídico!



MR TEACHER PAULO: http://ow.ly/JmCb30cLpDm

Assista ao vídeo “E agora, José? Delação premiada é PLEA BARGAIN?” que eu gravei no Descomplicando o Inglês Jurídico: https://youtu.be/Z3giaUKvn9A



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What is the difference between a lawyer, solicitor and barrister?

Many people don’t understand the difference between a lawyer, a solicitor and a barrister. Our blog aims to help you to distinguish these roles and take the first step in your legal matter.
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Sadiq Khan, Lawyer For Islamic Terrorists and Racists

Lots of people doubted my claims so I thought I’d put this together. *Please note, all clips in this video are for research and educational purposes and are fully compliant with fair use doctrine.*

Note that I am in no way implying that Sadiq Khan is acting as anything but a lawyer and legal adviser for these monsters. He is was simply doing his job as a scummy human rights lawyer and these clips do not imply he himself has connections outside of his profession to racists or terrorists, nor does he personally hold those same views.

Clip contents;

Sadiq Khan acts as a solicitor for Ian Malcolm Nisbett, Maajid Nawaz and Reza Pankhurst in their Hizb-Ut-Tahrir trial. – watch?v=54gLt1r0vvU

Sadiq Khan standing with mother of soon to be convicted 9/11 conspirator, Zacarias Moussaoui. -ina.fr/video/2070086001018 – other clips of Khan attending Moussaoui trial not used in video above – watch?v=8LQ2u5eXd6s

Sadiq Khan, solicitor for Nation Of Islam, discussing his client, the racial supremacist, Louis Farrakhan. – watch?v=drpKnbICWC0