Best Latest SEO Technique 2014 – Advanced Link Building Strategy

Best Latest SEO Technique 2014 – Advanced Link Building Strategy
Hi all am going to teach you some advance SEO technique……
Stay with me till end to learn awesome stiff….
In this method am going to use Wikipedia to find some awesome link building opportunity
!) Go to and search for broken links in Wikipedia
To do this use the following search query [keyword] + “dead link”
in this example am using “fitness” as an keyword example
Open the first URL and search for “dead links”
As you can see shows “Not Found”
Now that’s called Broken Link.
2) In this step you are going to analyze the broken URL on backlink checker
In this example am using Ahers tool
As you see we find 5 referring domains
3) Now you can contact the webmaster about the broken link that they are linking and you can pitch your link with them

3 in 10 will respond and will place your link.
This is an example you can dig deeper to find more opportunity

Thanks for watching this video
Happy Backlinking and SEOing
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