2014 SEO Tips To Future Proof Your SEO

Ollie looks at seven ways to make your SEO future proof for 2014 and beyond. Including a look at which tactics no longer work and what Google and Bing are likely to look for in the future.

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  1. Nice video on SEO tips, completely agree with your suggestions for future
    proofing your website. It’s very important to have great content!

  2. Google states I have 96 duplicate meta descriptions. The problem is, Google
    is still crawling these URL’s even though Google recognizes that
    I submitted these URL’s for removal many weeks ago. This is making me

  3. It can take a while for Google to exclude URL’s from their index. Try
    excluding in the robots.txt or re-writing the duplicate Meta anyway. 

  4. To get us started on the theme for the next week, check out Ollie’s video
    for some top tips to secure your SEO efforts for 2014.

  5. Why so many dislikes? I thought, what he said was interesting and valid.
    I’m not a pro though, can someone explain the hate?

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  7. Thanks for sharing this great SEO tips. Doing a white hat SEO you much
    maintain a standard of creating posts with added value that are relevant to
    your audience. Don’t write topics that you have no business writing about,
    just for the sake of SEO.

  8. The power of #seo is to be unleashed in the years.

    A great video. The #future_proof_of_seo

    jack from bizbilla.com

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