Off Page SEO Optimization Techniques

Learn how to use SEO Tools such as SEnukeX and Ultimate Demon effectively to automate your off page SEO and boost your rankings in Google.

More information on the tools used in the video are available below:


  1. Great video, what you said at 16:48, how that works for low competition key
    words. You said “keep hitting the site with the same IP address”, does that
    mean the specific computer you use to visit a site or place a link, matters
    with regards to how google views that links value? Any input would be
    awesome thanks.

  2. btw, when you say if t2 link dies then t3 t4 links will be useless too, how
    does a link die? do you mean if it is a broken link or if it isnt active?
    if its the latter, how on earth do you ensure your 100s of t2 or t3 links
    are always active? clearly not everyone on the internet will be visiting ur
    sites at t2 t3 level daily.

  3. When I say a link becomes dead, it will usually be removed by site owners
    after being detected/reported as spam! In other cases, it will be the site
    owners not renewing their domains, which happens a lot with article
    directories and bookmarking sites. Only the site owners can control the
    links remaining active. Although links die, many will remain live for many
    months or even years. Link checking with Backlink Monitor automates this
    analysis process for you to focus on your live links.

  4. I am fairly nooby at SEO. I have maybe 15-20 bookmarks now with all the
    different SEO tools but I really like how you put everything into 2-3 basic
    tools so that way you dont have to look through like 15-20 tools which
    makes SEO much faster. Since I am new and prolly need experience on proper
    SEO, I was thinking a good path is to analyse a niche and compare a rank 15
    site to a rank 1 website with the tools u mention to see what factors make
    that site rank 1.

  5. One of my favorite off page SEO strategy is to do social media. With how
    Google is emphasizing user experience and how they’ve included social media
    as a rank factor, it gives you all the more reason to market via social

  6. This video expresses yet another reason that SEO is an ongoing process, in
    that backlinks can die. Building backlinks should also be a continuing job.

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  12. A lot of great content here! Well done. SEO changes all of the time, but a
    lot of points in this video still hold true.

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    and I am one of those who continuously using it through lexorsoft services.

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