SEO Optimization 2014 | Google SEO Optimization | Best SEO Optimization Tips

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I updated this video in 2014, so it’s relevant.

SEO Optimization is vital for achieving #1 Google rankings. This video reveals the best Google SEO optimization tips for 2012. Try SEOmoz at for your 30 day free trial of the best SEO software on the market. For link building, visit and buy quality, indexed, do-follow backlinks.

The Main Components of Search Engine Optimization are:
1. Keywords
2. Domain Name
3. Content (and site structure–and plugins etc.)
4. Backlinks–and site interaction–commenting, facebook “likes”, etc.

This video will teach you some serious Google SEO Optimization Tricks for any business. From being on Google Maps to using Open Site Explorer, this video contains a wealth of resources that will skyrocket your Google rankings today–if used now! Take action and utilize SEOmoz at
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Here is a list of resources mentioned in the video. (Open Site Explorer) (google local)

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What this video is about:
SEO Optimization, Google SEO Optimization, best seo optimization tips. Learn how to do seo optimization and what is seo optimization and especially ways to do seo optimization while you learn google ranking tricks using seomoz and one hour backlinks which help your link building. Also learn “how to build links” “seo link building” “links for seo optimizing” and “search engine optimisation”. This video also covers “website optimization” and internet marketing tips in general. Please hit the like button and leave a comment. Thanks!


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