SEO Strategy 2014: How to Rank in Google Today

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Are you looking for an SEO strategy that gets results?

Then you’ll love this video where I share a step-by-step case study of The Guestographic Method: an infographic marketing technique with a focus on building high quality backlinks.

How does it work?

There are 5 simple steps to follow:

1. First, you (obviously) need an infographic. It doesn’t have to be mindblowing…but it should at least be good. The better your infographic, the better results you’ll get.

2. Second, you need to find people who might want to see your content. How? Just search for your keywords that describe your infographic. So if you had an infographic about Facebook marketing you’d Google keywords like “Facebook marketing tips” and “How to market on Facebook”.

3. Next, it’s time to send those people a quick email. Nothing pushy. Literally just an email says something like: “Hey, I saw that you’re interested in topic X. I just published an infographic about topic X. Would you like to see it?”. I prefer not to send someone a link in the first email. That way, I’m not pushing my infographic in their face :-)

4. When they say “yes”, send them a link to your infographic. But also offer to write them a unique intro to go along with it. The unique introduction greases the wheels a bit and makes them more likely to share your infographic on their site.

5. Finally, include a backlink to your site in the introduction that you write. This contextual link is MUCH more SEO-friendly than getting all of your infographic links from right beneath the infographic.

So that’s all there is to this simple-yet-powerful SEO strategy.

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  1. Hi Brian. Great video mate and we have an infographic to share to all
    schools but am struggling to get it shared. The video is amazing though pal
    and keep up the good work pal

  2. +Brian Dean, I have to say publicly announce that I have a big man crush on
    you, dude 😉 lol. But seriously. You’re content, tips and giving of all
    this SEO strategy is just amazing.

    I love that everything is 100% legitimate, and that the techniques are of
    high moral standards is mind blowing and speaks volumes to the fact that
    people who do this the right way are being far more creative.

    Thanks so much for sharing. Helps people like me think on “a whole nother”

  3. I have a bunch of keyword domain names. Lets say I own the domains “Soap”,
    “moisturizer”, “skin care”, and my company name is “beauty products”. On my
    main page “beauty products”, can I make it so my tabs are “soap”,
    “moisturizer”, and “skin care” and have them go to those domains when
    clicked……with the home tab going to “beauty products”? And, then have
    all the pages look the same with the same tabs so that they all point to
    each other? So, basically a main page that is comprised of several domain
    names for every tab. Would this make sense for SEO, is it possible with
    wordpress, and would it be better than backlinks. Thanks….great videos!

  4. This strategy is a new one and I think this really helps in a website since
    it catches attention of many. I heard you can ask for help in lexorsoft seo
    company regarding this.

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