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Seo techniques for video especially (new seo techniques 2014 for video) aren’t really as complicated as when you are trying to rank blog articles. There are a lot of smilarities but you tend to rank videos quickly especially on Youtube with the added bonus that you may sometimes rank on google as well

0:40 first step to ranking on youtube is picking the correct keywords that have search volume and that people are looking for
1:04 – on- page seo – make sure you optimise for the keyword you choose in step one by placing it in the title, the description and the tags so as Youtube is clear as to the term you are trying to rank for
1:59 off-page seo – backlinking and social engagement. Make sure the video is of good content and you will naturally get more likes shares and views. The more oof theses things you get the better for ranking purposes.Also traditional backlinking should be used. High quality PR backlinks are the best for trying to get a Google ranking as well.

As long as you follow these 3 things you will start to see your videos rank better and get mote engagement.

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